Add a size chart to a non-product page

Size Charts Everywhere is available on Premium and Growth plans only.

Size Charts Everywhere is available on OS 2.0 themes only. Support for OS 1.0 themes coming soon.

With Size Charts Everywhere you can add your size chart or AI size recommends to any page within your Shopify store including home page, collection page, a dedicated size chart page, landing page or any other page available via app block.

Step 1: Find your size chart

Search the Clean Size Charts dashboard for the size chart you are looking to display on a non-product page.

Step 2: Copy your Size Chart ID

The Size Chart ID for your size chart is located next to the title tag in grey. You'll want to write it down or use our easy to use copy to clipboard function.

To use the copy to clipboard feature simply mouse over the Size Chart ID and click. It will automatically be copied to the clipboard.

Step 3: Open the Shopify Theme Editor

Go to Sales Channel > Online Store > Themes and select the theme you are looking to add a size chart to by clicking Customize.

Step 4: Open the template your looking to edit

The Size Charts Everywhere will allow you to add your size charts to any template in an OS 2.0 theme that supports app blocks.

Step 5: Add the Chart Widget app block

On the left side, you'll select the section you are looking to add your size chart to. In the case of this tutorial, we will use a tab on the home page.

Step 6: Add the Size Chart ID to the app block

Once you've added the Clean Size Charts app block to the section, it is time to add the Size Chart ID in. You'll double click the Clean Size Charts Chart Widget in the left menu to open up the configuration settings of the app block.

Step 7: Save

Make sure to click Save on your theme after pasting the Size Chart ID to not lose your changes.

Step 7: Preview

You can preview the size chart on your store or within the Shopify Theme Editor.

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