• Gempages installed on your Shopify store
  • Clean Size Charts Premium or above.

GemPages empowers you to create, customize, and optimize your Shopify store pages with ease. Adding Clean Size Charts to your product and landing pages is super easy when using GemPages.

This combination not only simplifies the shopping process but also instills greater confidence in your customers. By providing clear, accessible sizing information, you help shoppers make better purchasing decisions, ultimately boosting conversion rates and enhancing customer satisfaction.

  1. Choose the GemPages template to edit

Select the landing page or product page you'd like to add Clean Size Charts to from the list of GemPages.

For this tutorial, we have selected the top page. It should look like this:

  1. Click Elements from the left Menu

You will select elements from the left toolbox.

  1. Find Clean Size Charts

Scroll down the list of Elements until you find Clean Size Charts.

We're in good company.

  1. Drag Clean Size Charts

Drag the Clean Size Charts element to where you would like your size chart to show.

  1. Click Save or Publish

Make sure to click Save if you are still making changes or Publish to make the page live.

Quick Notes

  • You will need to configure Clean Size Charts to use Inline - Link or Inline - Table from your Style & Placement page.
  • If you are on a non-product page, place your Size Chart ID from the Clean Size Charts dashboard into the settings tab to set a size chart to show.

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