Using and creating tables

Creating tables to present your customers with useful information can be achieved easily and simply with our Size Chart App.

Our app has a lot of flexibility when it comes to generating tables, so whilst this is powerful, if you’re not careful, you can get yourself in a bit of a muddle! If this happens we recommend that you start again, using one of our preset size charts. Our support covers bugs with the app, so hopefully, this page will answer any questions you may have about tables in Clean Size Charts.

There are lots of options and possibilities included as part of the app and we’ve covered what we think are the most salient points when it comes to controlling table layout

How to create a table

  • Click on the ‘Content’ tab
  • Scroll down to the ‘Size chart table’ section.
  • Click on the table icon.      
  • Hover over the ‘Table’ option, and select the dimensions of the table using
    the provided grid.

Tip: You’ll notice other options in here, e.g. delete table.

Adding a row

  • Click on the ‘Table’ icon
  • Hover over ‘Row’
  • You now have the option to add a row before the current row, or after it.

Tip: You can also delete rows here.

Changing a row’s colour

  • Click to select the row and then right click
  • Select ‘Row’ > ‘Row properties’
  • Click ‘Advanced’. Here you can change the rows colour, or border colour.

  • Click ‘Advanced’. Here you can change the rows colour, or border colour.

Table properties

You can make your tables appear striped, or hide certain borders
using the ‘Table properties’, as well as adjust padding.

  • Click on the ‘table’ icon
  • Click ‘Table properties’

  • In the ‘Class’ dropdown, you should see various options where you can make the table stripy or choose which borders to show.

Note: In ‘Advanced’ you can change the color of the border  around your table, or its background color.

Tip: To change the color of the stripes, you’ll need to change the background color of each row individually (see the previous section).

Additional features

Three dots

If you click on the three dots – there are further options available:

This will show your additional options:

Feeling a bit cramped?

Click on the right arrow in the top right hand corner of the tabs panel to give you a bit more space to edit your table.


To merge cells, highlight the cells you wish to merge. Then, right-click > Cell > Merge cells.

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