Why isn’t my size chart showing on my product?

  1. You have not enabled theme app extensions. Read how to enable theme app extensions.
  2. If the Clean Size Charts theme extension is enabled, your theme may be missing closing </body> or </html> tags in the theme.liquid file. This will break all Shopify theme extensions.
  3. It may take a few minutes for size chart changes to be reflected on the store, so wait a little while and then refresh the page to see your changes.
  4. Make sure your size chart is Published. To do this open the size chart, click the arrow on the ‘Save as Draft’ button and click ‘Save as Published’.
  5. Make sure your size chart is tagged against the correct product. To do this open your size chart, and click the Products tab. Next, click the Pick Products button and find the product to tag the chart against. Click on the checkbox next to the product, and click Add. Finally, save the size chart.

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